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    Italian tax collectors don skis for spot-checks in Alpine resort

    Italian authorities have taken the fight against tax cheats to new heights, with undercover inspectors donning skis to check whether the highest eateries in the Alps were issuing receipts.The weekend blitz in the resort of Courmayeur was the latest in a list of high-profile undercover tax operations that read like locations of a thriller: Christmas in Cortina, the carnival of Viareggio, nightclubs in Milan, Valentine's Day in San Remo and the street markets of Naples.The message: there is a new sheriff in town, his name is Mario Monti, and there was no place left to hide. With skis strapped on, the tax inspectors seemed no different from the tourists riding up the lifts. But tThe dozen or so agents' goal was to monitor whether receipts were being issued in the high-altitude huts on the...

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    How to do a GOOD backflip on skis

    I know there are already a few videos out there explaining how to do a backflip on skis but none of them really looked good. Here me and Sam Zahner hopefully...

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